Small but Big Effective for Winter Season.

Wash your hands

Most cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. The most important thing you can do to prevent catching a cold or the flu is to wash your hands often with soap or an anti-bacterial solution and warm water. Avoid rubbing your eyes or nose if you haven't done so.

Drink plenty of fluids

The human body uses liquids to filter out the body's accumulated wastes, resulting in a healthier system overall. Sip water, juice, broths, and other clear liquid sall day. If you have cold or cough try some orange juice. It is a rich source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. Staying hydrated helps your immune system fight sickness. It can also help loosen mucus and replace fluids you lose from blowing your nose. Keep a healthy supply of drinks right at your desk.

Keep tissues handy

Keep a supply of tissues ready to use when you are in a public place or in the vicinity of other people. Also, keep your distance from people who have a cold or who are showing the first signs of one. A cold is most contagious during its first three days.

Have spicy food

Try eating hot chilli peppers, green chillies or other spicy foods. They will help loosen mucus thus avoiding cough.

Get plenty of rest

Most of the diseases in the modern day world are caused by stress. Stress lowers your ability to ward off colds and the flu. It is very easy to take care of your health ahead of time by getting proper rest. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours goes a longway..

Breathing exercises

Practising breathing exercises like pranayama sudarshana kriya etc. will make our respiratory system strong and prevent us from getting any respiratory illness.

Gargle your mouth

Early morning just immediately after getting up from bed, gargle your mouth and give a quick rinse and the drink about 1.5-2 litres of water till you feel totally full, then kindle your throat with a finger, just by tickling with your clean hands and vomit out the entire water till you feel the sourness in your mouth. This will help to expel out the sputum. This also helps in acidity problems also.


Water with hand full of rock salt should be used to take vapours in severe cough or mild could and heaviness in the head.